all terrain vehicle Canam maverick x3 turbo with blue livery design

Can-am maverick x3 turbo

The cockpit is manufactured by CarbonMax based in Czech republic. Closed variant is used not just as sport equpiment, but also as transport vehicle in many regions with harsch climate conditions as only reliable transport option. We were aksed to develop cabin for american Off-road buggy producer Can-Am. In spite of massiv demand for cabin closed variant, there was no offer on the global market.

Red Bull

ecological racing buggy design concept powered by kite


Racing concept Airbow sponsored by Red Bull company. Vision of ecological racing buggy, powered by wind kite and to creaty new sport archetype. Project arise based on impulses to create ecologicaly sustainable racing category rejecting fossil fuels.

Toyota DLS

Toyota logistic design competition winner with drone automated system

Toyota Logistic design competition winner

Award winning proposal for Toyota logistic design global competition. Assignement was to create whole new archetype of forklift solving most commont problems in warehouse logistics. From 500 proposals submitted to the event we were honored to received 2nd place and also 1st place in special public prize. DLS concept is autonomous drone forklift used for repetitive tasks in warehouses where necesary human driver long-term concentration is chalanged and commonly leads to expensive accidents.


modern transport utility drone design named condor with verticla take off and mean face

Airmobis VTOL UAV Condor

Vertical take off and landing transport utility drone. Developed for areas with missing or damaged ground infrstructure. Conceived to harsh condition operation. Patent pending. Design concept based on construction provided by Airmobis.

Piaggio Aerospace

black & white reflective livery design airplane proposals

Avanti P180

Livery design for italian manufacturer Piaggio Aerospace. Purpose of the project was to create a new look of familiar P180 for the fairs and expositions. Graphical enhancement of unique geometric archetype using fatures of italian design identity and heritage to communicate aircraft origin.

Zitzmann Fahrzegbau

metal car trailer for transportation with side stickers and red elements


Second generation of trailer for german manufacturer Zitzmann Fahrzegbau. The target was differantiate design and technical solution from other market competitors. New identity was applied to multiple proportional types in company portfolio. The overall redesign included frame profiles, wheel design, back lights, reflection elements, graphic stickers, expading wheel bar, mudguard, laminate shell concept etc.

luxury yacht design vision by digital sketch in arctic environment


personal yacht

Cooperation with austrian design centre Porsche to expand custom superyacht segment. The goal was to create exclusive futuristic concept with implentation of natural human habitat with vegetation able to survive sea condition. Final proposal selected by client for construction developement. Design concept is based on contrast of 3 main materials: laminate hull, huge glass surfaces and vegetation. Yacht body is visuallya devided into 2 main parts: Main hull and captian's bridge with lounge.

Scoot & Ride

red scooter design proposal with curving feature for children


Curving scooter for austrian manufacturer Scoot & Ride, producing sport equipement for chidlren. Using 5 wheel system of rear wheels, allows more levels of tilt for more dynamic turning. he goal was to create product atractive both for children and the adults.

Shell Walker

black protective Carbon composite quitar case with red & blue light scene


Guitar protective case for czech manufacturer of high-end concert acoustic quitars. the goal was deal with safe global shipping of quitars by elegant and reprasentative solution. the case is intentionally designed for 1 specific quitar type.


Materia-Lab is design studio specialized in transportation, industrial and product design based in Prague.

We are crative team of experienced designers helping brands to communicate with their costumers by unique design identity.

Our studio offers advanced design methods, progressive thinking, innovatiove solutions, precise engeneering and prototyping services.

We are happy to be challenged by wide range of clients from Germany and Astria as one of the design leading markets in the world.

Studio is represented by young generation of dynamic visionaries sharing their passion in our craft. High quality of services is guaranteed by profound critical thinking, sensitive creative perception and insistent detail elaboration.

The mission is to offer professional services in complete design culture. We seek optimal solution to connect technical and aesthetical forms together. We are able to judge you requirements and prepare a precise offer according to our service portfolio.

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what we do
wireframe styled wacom tablet with 3D mouse and keyboard


wireframe styled CNC milling machine kuka for design prototyping and engineering


greyscale atv design concept explaining development process


We cover overall design process including concept design ideation, brainstorimg. After initial prizing and research stage we deliver agreed number of proposals, first by hand sketch than more defined digital sketches.

team brainstorming with research materials on the table


Proper research is a cornerstone in the beginning of every project. We collect data regarding certain market, competitors, identity, costumer, and use these informations as a input parametres for custom design developement and critical evaluation.

mechanical prosthetic assembly showing high-end design engineering


Final high quality design often requires upgrading the product on technical level as well. We use latest high-end CAD and Solid modeling softwares and cooperate with many specialists covering wide range of expertise.

design sketches of electronic device and product in early project stage


Classic hand sketch is always the most effective and fastest way how to communicate ideas in early stage of the project and to present large volumes of diverse proposals. No sofware, only paper, pencil & brain. For establishing a basic form and its recognizable features.

3D wireframe car model for digital vizualization and rendering on working station screen

3D vizualization

Suitable for model in progress consultation and final design presentations. We are providing high quality images and materials intended for any marketing or commercial use. Photorealistic vizualization is allways the best way for design evaluation and selection.

CAD model of porsche car in alias 3D class-A modeling software

Cad modeling

CAD (Computer Aided Design) We use high-end Class-A surfacing and solid modeling softwares. Utilizing digital sketches as blueprint for production geometry and manufacturing data.

side view of sports car with open hood, door and trunk in 3D animation sofware

3D animation

Suitable for any marketing or advertising purposes and final design presentation. We are providing highest auality animations including complete postproduction. We are invested with high computing performance to keep the rendering times short.

design project consultation with visal help of notes on the board


We analyze your product portfolio and pinpoint the weakest spot. We give expertise on every layer of your current design quality.

high poly 3D model of mechanical game character design showing technology of polygonal modeling

polygonal modeling

In some cases is more efficient using polygonal model "3D sketch" as supporting development tool. Mostly used for complex geometries in automotive and entertainment industry.

3d printer for model manufacturing and protyping

3d printing

For evaluation of ergonomical model parts and geometries not possible to mill by CNC, mock-up scale models and mechanical parts. Providing broad spectrum of plastic materials with many suprisingly usefull mechanical properties.

black and yellow livery design of van for TRS motorcycles for marketing purposes

livery design

Graphic design for application on vehicles, airplanes, boats etc,. for advertising and esthetical purposes. Realization istelf is divided into wrap sheets and printed graphical elements.

photoshop graphic postproduction of minimalist architectural 3D rendering in V-ray software


Photoshop postproduction for 3D visualization mostly used for advartisment. We are also providing video postproduction for 3D animations.

responsive web design shown on multiple devices made in webflow editor

web design

We are using front-end editor WEBFLOW to make your website as alive as possible with organically animated interactions for the best user experience.

wacom tablet digital sketch of infinity concept car in photoshop


Earlier stage of design process. In this stage we take our selected hend sketches and bring them to digital environment to develop more defined and detailed proposals which are later used for 3D modeling.

5 axis CNC machine with water cooling millling metal mold for plastic injection

production support

We provide complete production support offering wide range of partners and suppliers at your disposal. From low volume craftmenship to mass production.

1:4 scale prototype model from foam and 3d printed parts and vacuum formed greenhouse


Functional or mock-up model used for design evaluation and expo/fair presentation. We combine multiple technolgies during building prototypes as CNC, 3D printing, vacuum forming nad painting.

corporate prints of business cards and catalogs

brand & corporate identity

We provide design of brochures, catalogs, advertisements, banners, posters, promotional products, ads, business cards, logos, packaging design, brand style guide, digital content - static and dynamic.

numerous sample instalation of different paint colors and reflections

color & material

Suitable for model in progress consultation and final design presentation. We are providing high-end images and materials intended for any marketing channels or commercials of our clients. advertising udes for evaluation of 3D model marketing purposes, marketing visuals.

lead designer MFA Josef Cerny portrait in parametric style

MFA joseph cerny

Founder & Lead designer

Materia-Lab design studio was established by designers in the field of transportation design, with rich experiences gathered while working for leading brand as Porsche or Toyota. Materal-Lab received several global design awards as Toyota logistic design competition.

Our clients
firetruck and fire equipment manufacturer rosenbauerairmobis vtol uav cargo drone developerteiko barhrooms product designcan-am BRP ASVB&R industrial automation and process contril technology companyBWG AT water treatment systemsToyota material handling and logistic design competitionScoot and Ride manufacturer od highwaykick and highwaygangsterSwarowski optical long-range instruments as binoculars telescopes and rifle scopesLindner agricultural machinery manufacturer of tractors and transporters for agriculturehasssohn fireplace, pellet and oil stovesredbull racingzitzmann logoCarbonmax compositesporsche design