Red Bull

Futuristic racing concept Airbow sponsored by Red Bull company powered by windpower developing new sport using ecofriendly source of energy


Racing concept Airbow sponsored by Red Bull company. The goal of a project was to create vision of ecological racing buggy, powered by wind kite and to creaty new sport archetype. Project arise based on impulses to create ecologicaly sustainable racing category rejecting fossil fuels.

Using a kite as source of kinetic energy is worlwide rapidly developing trend with endless possibilities of aplication. Project is build on current succese realizated projects in field of kitesaling and buggykiting. Wind kite usage meant huge chalenge for vehicle stabilization with regard to inconsistent wind speed and direction, especially in 60 m altitude where kite operates, which is ideal altitude level.

side view of landkiting Red bull airbow transportation design conept. AFAD transport design master thesis by Josef Cerny

Necessary need fo stability evolved form into catamaran construction with enlarged chassis proportion. buggy is developed for 2 passangers, when 1 is driver and the other operates kite and delivers constant pull from the kite. On the roof of the vehicle is placed rotating arm with winch conected to kite operator's electronic handlebars. In spite of significant proportions of the vehicle is thanks to absence of engine and complex mechanical systems is total weight estimated around 600 kg.

Airbow's catamaran construction with enlarged chassis proportion and
detail of design prototype with red paint and glossy reflections in the 3d studiodetail of 3D prototype model made by Josef Cerny from Materia-Lab design studio.
back view of red Airbow sports car concept design for two passangers. body work is made of fiberglass composite