ATV Can-Am Maverick X3 turbo in blue paint with orange livery design

Can-am maverick x3 turbo

Off-road buggy bodywork cockpit for amarican manufacturer. Bodywork is modified for optimal airflow since massive need of air intake for the engine cooling. Air vent scoop in the front of the roof, intakes wind pushed by the front windshield. Back trunk cover can be replace with spare wheel in case of need. Closed variant is used not just as sport equpiment, but also as transport vehicle in regions with harsch climate or tarrain conditions as only reliable transport option. The cockpit is manufactured by CarbonMax based in Czech republic. In spite of massive demand for cabin closed variant, there was no offer on the global market.

front view of Can-Am Maverick bodywork design.
back view sxs side-by-side vehicle canam maverick. Cabin made of carbon fiber in autoclave
top view can-am maverick turbo mady by carbonmax specialided in processing of composite materials.product vizualization of carbon, glass, epoxy and aramid product.