Transportation, industrial and product design

Aviation, Marine transportation, Heavy machinery, Sport equipment, Furniture, Electronics, Toys, Package design Brand design, Security, Lighting, Tools, Public space, Industrial equipmenet and machinery, etc.

what we do


Conceptual and production development, We use high end softwares technology to guarante best possible quality of 2D/3D result.

2D/3D: Hand sketching and digital sketching, Polygonal 3D modeling , 3D visualiziation, postprocessing, 3D scanning, 3D printing, production support, Graphic design, animation


Construction development, CAD analysis, Technial drawings, Rapid protoyping, 3D scanning, 3D printing, Production support, Technological consulting services. Class-A surface modeling.

project stages
design research and market analysis


Project analysis

Research, personal consultation, prizing project analysis and strategy, design process briefing, design method selection

blue Can-Am offroad buggy design concept with blue background


Design process

Hand sketching, digital sketching, polygonal modeling, Design & Engenering, Graphic postprocesing

CAD class-A 3D model


CAD modeling

Class-A surfaces, CAD solid modeling, Technical drawing, preparation for simulation, airflow analysis,

black carbon body design prototype in norway



Production support, prototype fabrication, 3D printing, proportional study, 1:1 unctional model based on project type.

workflow timeline
01 project analysis

02 Design phaze

03 CAD modeling

04 Prototyping

After Before

concepts & visions

Not every project has to be intended for immediate market launch. We also develop future scenarios for our clients that react to global sociotechnological anticipations. Based on these information We then derive logical and sustainable innovations and product concepts, which can be depicted in a variety of ways, ranging from virtual studies to functioning prototypes. We therefore provide transfer services, which, taking into account the defined prerequisites, transfer the developed visions into a concrete form and thus initiate our customer’s internal decisionmaking processes.


With the highest attention to detail we develop design concepts, ideation on a strategic level as well as support the implementation process until launch-readiness. We combine functionality, shape, materials, technological and cultural aesthetic trends by pushing the borders of the established standard. Our designs solutions come with relevant identity for the given target group, including core values of their related brands and segments. For our clients we provide whole spectrum of process from the first concept sketches to a production-ready Class-A surfaces for engineering . We are using both analogue and digital design tools right from the start to keep our development work as effective and agile as possible.


Evolution vs. Revolution. We investigate our client’s profile in terms of the brand and the product portfolio, as well as their relevance to the needs of their's specific target groups. This is used to derive development strategy, which can be both applied in the sense of an gradual evolution and radical in the sense of a revolution. We provide support in the definition of client's portfolio vision to position your brand and products to establish an unique design language.


We keep tracking new material characteristics in order to achieve targeted positioning and differentiation of products in terms of target groups and portfolio segments, we develop surface, materials and colour compostition concepts. Trend analyses and cooperation with actual material libraries serve as the basis for developing product concepts, that are not limited by a short lifetime tendency of trends but have timeless aesthetics and therefore reinforces client's sustainable position on the market.


We support our customers in the implementation and planning of their development plans by selecting suitable suppliers as well as carrying out an iterative process of manufacture-specific adaptations. Our CAD specialists generate tooling and prototyping-capable 3D data in common exchange formats. We can deal with strict structural specifications and create high quality surfaces in accordance with the design specifications. We always keep feasibility and cost-efficiency in mind. This is a prerequisite in order to be able to live up to our claim right down to the result.


With the aid of the latest tools, we are able to generate design layouts through to photo-realistic renderings that serve as a preview of the product to be developed and that can be used for your internal communication or for marketing purposes at a later date. Our areas of specialization include: product animations, still shots, lifestyle shots, visualizations of assembly concepts, process visualizations and operating instructions as well as quick start guides.